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RH Specialist Insurance takes the 'hidden pain' out of vehicle insurance

Most classic car owners will be familiar with the phrase ‘administration fee’, and the sinking feeling that comes with it. The administration fee is a charge that’s often levied by insurance brokers in addition to any premium that may be chargeable for adding an additional vehicle, driver, or requesting duplicate paperwork.

If those classic car owners are insured with RH, they won’t be at all familiar with administration fees for this particular customer service – because it’s one that RH provides free of charge to its clients.

“As a lifelong classic car owner and enthusiast myself, I know that taking the classic out for a weekend outing to a local show is often a spur of the moment thing,” says Emma Airey of RH.

“The decision will usually depend on the weather, which as we all know is pretty unpredictable in this country.

“Allowing a friend or family member to share the fun of a classic car from behind the wheel is a lovely thing to be able to do, but the administration charge of putting an additional driver onto a classic policy for a short period of time (in addition to any increased premium) can be off-puttingly high – especially when some of our competitors charge an administration fee of up to £35.00 as well as the increase in premium.

“That really rankles with the fellow classic car owners I meet at shows. They’re always regaling me with tales of greedy brokers charging an administration fee, in addition to increased premium, for adding their partner or best friend to their classic policy for the weekend.

“At RH, we’ve made an on-going and genuine commitment to our customers to provide service levels which meet, and then exceed, their expectations. Not charging administration fees is part of that commitment.”

Just give the RH team a call on 01277 206912. They will be delighted to help you tailor the cover you need. And remember, there are no hidden fees!