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RH Insurance has put together a presentation of the service that they provide to NASC Members that either already have insurance policy or are looking for competitive insurance policy for your Hotrod or Custom vehicle.

RH Insurance mission is to provide you with RH’s background, history and key benefits is to ensure everyone understands the importance of insuring their Customs, Modified, Hot Rods or standard cherished cars and other vehicles on ‘AGREED VALUE’ status.

So many clients think they’re already insured on agreed value – but they’re not!  If it doesn’t specifically say AGREED VALUE next to the car’s value on the schedule you will only have MARKET VALUE cover

What does MARKET VALUE mean?
MARKET VALUE means that in the event your vehicle is declared an insurance write off you will receive any amount UP TO the MARKET VALUE on your schedule – but never anymore!  This can make an already very stressful time even more so when you’re being asked to PROVE the value of your vehicle.  This can be done by means of current or recent classified advertisements and auction results.  Difficult to prove when a car is a ‘one off’, has remarkable history or a particularly low mileage/cherished vehicle which is irreplaceable.

AGREED VALUE is exactly what it says on the tin.  If your club or an independent specialist has provided you with an agreed valuation – let’s say for £25,000 – that’s exactly what you will get. 

The main danger with MARKET VALUES is values have risen in recent years (some models more dramatically than others).

RH Insurance currently just over a hundred policies for NASC members, by you taking a little time to read through this presentation you will possibly join these policy holders.

Whilst this figure is relatively low, this is exactly the right kind of business for RH and they’re keen to attract more NASC members, our target is to attract 50% over the next 5-10 years.

At the heart of everything they do, they continually ask themselves ‘does this make clients happy???’

Here are a few things which we know you will appreciate:

No broker administration fees
many of our competitors will charge up to £40 every time you make a change to your policy. It’s not uncommon for them to charge a fee when you take out a new policy, renew or cancel! with RH Insurance there are no such charges.

Free and automatic salvage retention
if your vehicle is over 20 years of age and is written off then, with RH Insurance, you are entitled to retain the salvage FREE OF CHARGE.   This is in addition to the agreed or market value settlement.

  • peace of mind
  • useful if your vehicle is rare or valuable
  • receive your market, or agreed, value settlement, in full as well as the salvage
  • most competitors offer the ‘BUY BACK’ option which has an adverse effect on your settlement
  • If your vehicle is stolen, and subsequently recovered, then you will be given first refusal on buying the vehicle back.

No charge for placing your cover on agreed value
some competitors charge a fee for providing this service (typically £10).  We don’t charge a penny!

UK and European accident breakdown and recovery (including home service)
included at no additional cost. 
most competitors charge an additional fee – we don’t!

 Here’s how you get in touch with representative operators at RH Insurance. 


  • New notifications 0330 123 5992

    Please refer to the RH website for other claims numbers